Después del Futuro/بعد المستقبل/After the Future

ARTifariti 2016: 10th International Art and Human Rights Meeting in Western Sahara


A virtual exhibition of contemporary Algerian art, curated by Toufik Douib

The Algerian ground has been testifying of the multitude of incursions that marked its society and eventually affected its artistic ways of expressions. The two confronted key dates are proposed to examine the paradox defining the ‘territory’ and its oscillation between chaos and fertility, being both a zone of incommensurable destruction and a shelter to unrestricted hope. Through a collective visual arts exhibition titled ‘Home-Lend’, the project will seek to engage into a full dialogue on the percept of occupation and belonging; at a time of decolonisation’s inspect and refugees’ crisis, the idea is to break those stereotypes as well as the geographical boundaries and ultimately help define a new notion of identity and nationalism while referencing the themes of memory and filiations.


With ARTifariti’s 10th anniversary edition, the focus of the proposed collective will be relating topics of homeland, societal deconstruction and dual identities, one of the main objectives of the project is to emphasize the links between nations, the mutual influences and different sources of inspiration that contribute to shape the engaged from current scene in Algeria.



Algiers, 1984





Toufik Douib is an independent event director and curator born and bred in Algeria. He was drawn to creative environments from an early age; he studied at the Junior Conservatory of art and has a two-year experience working in the Ministry of culture in Algiers. Then it was after moving to London, in 2009, that he became more committed to intercultural understanding, notably through the question of identity within artistic scope.


In parallel to completing a post-graduation in cultural event management, Toufik has been involved during the past years within various projects in which he aimed to illustrate the multiple and eclectic facets of the Algerian cultural scene today. In 2015, he curated his first solo visual arts exhibition, “Algerianism”, commissioned for Nour festival in London.